2017 Year in Review, List-wise

I found this draft, never published, but begun at the beginning of January. Publishing it now before February begins!

2017 marked the end of my second and beginning of my third year (!) at Yale-NUS College in Singapore.
  • It was the first time that I have been able to teach the same class more than once: Philosophy and Political Thought (a two-semester sequence of great works in three major world  traditions: Chinese, Indian, and "Western" thought). This means that I've been able refine some of my pedagogical strategies--integrating instruction in reading, writing, and class discussion around the theme of "conversational moves." I've also refined some translations of Sanskrit texts for use in those classes.
  • This fall, (first term academic year 2017-2018) I taught my first advanced level philosophy course (Doing Things with Words) which focused on speech act theory in J.L. Austin and the Tarkasaṃgraha of Bhāṭṭa Mīmāṃsā, and the extent that the two can be brought into fruitful engagement with each other. 
  • Last spring (second term academic year 2016-2017), I taught a course integrating Indian, Chinese, and Western theories of metaphor (Analogical Reasoning and Metaphor).
  • During the course of that year I've been fortunate to travel to India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia! This has let me participate in a Workshop on rasa theory with C. Rajendran at Manipal University (who I then hosted here at Yale-NUS), give talks at Kyoto University and Underwood International College at Yonsei University, as well as National Chengchi University. I've gotten feedback from people all around the world on my work, and it's been wonderful.
  •  I managed to publish three articles:
    • "(Close) the Door; the King (is Going): The Development of Elliptical Resolution in Bhāṭṭa Mīmāṃsā." Journal of Indian Philosophy. 45:5, pp. 911-938.
    • "Metonymy and Metaphor as Verbal Postulation: The Epistemic Status of Non-Literal Speech in Indian Philosophy'', Journal of World Philosophies, 2:1 (Summer 2017).
    • "How Do We Gather Knowledge through Language?'' with Elisa Freschi, Journal of World Philosophies, 2:1 (Summer 2017).
  • And I signed two book contracts:
    • Understanding Indian Philosophy of Language with Bloomsbury Academic Publishing. An introduction to Indian philosophy of language by way of Mukulabhaṭṭa's Abhidhāvṛttamātṛkā, a work on poetics, grammar, & philosophy. Manuscript due May 2018. I'll be workshopping a draft of the text in February 2018 at Harvard University, in the South Asian Studies Department.
    • Major Texts and Arguments on Reasoning in Indian Philosophy  with Bloomsbury Academic Publishing. An edited volume focused on the debate over the knowledge source known as "postulation" (arthāpatti) in the brahminical traditions in India. The book will include primary texts with a substantial introduction along with essays intervening in the debate from philosophical and historical perspectives. Manuscript due May 2019. An August 2018 workshop funded by a large research grant from Yale-NUS College will enable collaborators to meet and discuss translations and essays.
As 2018 begins, I am on study leave until the next academic year, with aims to
  • Submit UIPL to Bloomsbury by May 2018
  • Get a few more articles under review
  • Organize the arthāpatti workshop and begin putting that text together
  • Revise my Classical Indian Philosophy of Language course (using UIPL for the main text)
  • Prepare a new course for spring 2019: Debate and Reasoning in Indian Philosophy of Language.


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