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Teaching the Tarkasaṃgraha to first-year students (cross-posted from the Indian Philosophy Blog)

The post below was originally published at the Indian Philosophy blog, and I encourage readers to submit comments there (comments here are closed).

What follows is a reflection on my experiences teaching the Tarkasaṃgraha, as I promised in the comments to a recent post. Part of my job at Yale-NUS College is to teach a college-wide common curriculum course that spans two semesters. It's called "Philosophy and Political Thought" (PPT). The course introduces students to three intellectual traditions categorized roughly by geography: Chinese, Indian, and Greco-Roman-Western thought. (While demarcating these boundaries is contentious stuff, for the purposes of teaching, we do have to mark boundaries somewhere.) The current semester begins with Śāntideva's Bodhicaryāvatāra and ends with Hannah Arendt, "Thinking and Moral Considerations: A Lecture." Teaching the Tarkasaṃgraha: How and Why Two weeks ago, before spring break, our students read the "inference"…