Tantravārttika series: unpublishing

After a bit of thought, I'm taking down the series on the Tantravārttika translation I've been publishing. The reason is that it's a project which I would like to see published in a more official manner in the future, and I worry about some journals and publishers who might consider it to have been already published, even though in an earlier state. As well, my initial aim was to generate some conversation on the work, and that hasn't happened (my blog isn't high-traffic, which I'm actually happy about).

If you're reading this and are really disappointed because my weekly-to-occasional post was the highlight of your day, then drop me an email and I'll gladly share the work with you.

Otherwise, I will be presenting a related paper ("The Self is a Sky-Flower: Doing Metaphor with Empty Terms") at the 2017 Pacific APA as part of a panel entitled "Dealing with the Unreal", and so I will likely put up a summary of that talk here.


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