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(Relatively) Recent History: E.B. Cowell's Preface to the Kusumāñjali

In preparing for the fall term, I have been looking through translations of Udāyanācarya's Kusumāñjali. The one excerpted in Radhakrishnan's Sourcebook in Indian Philosophy (mentioned in some earlier posts here as not a good starting point) is by E.B. Cowell, translated in 1864. I checked out the entire book today for a closer look, and, upon opening to the preface, scowled. While perhaps it is possible for a translator to do justice to a text with low esteem for the author, I think it is unlikely that approaching a philosophical text with prejudice will allow a translator to do her best work. So, while I will choose the translation I use on its merits, knowing what Cowell has to say about Indian philosophy in general is a red flag. After talking about the "quaint Oriental disguise" in which familiar (Western) arguments for the existence of God are found, he says, The Kusumāñjali is as much inferior to the tenth book of Plato's Laws or the twelfth of Aristotle&#…

Using Evernote for Academic Work

It's been a while since I've written about workflow, but since I'm in a transition point between graduate student and assistant professor and thinking about adapting to my new position, I thought I'd jot a few things down, especially retrospectively in terms of managing graduate student life.

I'm fairly convinced that the tools you decide to use are less important than having--and sticking to--a system. However, I've gotten hooked on Evernote as a way of managing a lot of projects and daily tasks, so what follows is my system via Evernote (and Google Calendar).