Virtual Sanskrit Reading Group

With my departure from graduate school only a semester away, I am thinking about how to continue my practice of Sanskrit reading without the benefit of the excellent mentors and fellow students here at University of Texas at Austin.

There is no guarantee that my next institution will have other Sanskritists in residence, and I know that there are quite a few of us who are in a position of not having peers with whom we can (physically) read together.

With the benefit of such a communal practice in mind, I'd like to facilitate the beginning of an online group devoted to reading Sanskrit. What I envision includes the following, and I'm open to suggestions about how best to structure things:
  • A mailing list for members - perhaps Google Groups, since it allows document sharing
  • A regular schedule of readings - not too onerous as to be impossible, and not to irregular as to lose motivation
  • A group reading time - again, Google has a nice setup with its Hangouts
  • A shared document(s) - this could allow for adding notes to a translation, putting up one's own work, etc.
I'm happy to set up these platforms if people are interested (unless such a group already exists, in which case I'd be interested to know!). My thought is that a weekly or bi-weekly reading schedule might work best, although that, along with the readings, are open for discussion. If enough people join, it could be possible to have sub-groups doing different readings.

Edited 1/7/15 - I've gotten a few replies so I created a Google Group to facilitate organization. The group is called "Virtual Sanskrit Reading Group" and can be viewed by clicking on the link. Anyone can request to join, but I'll be screening members to ensure we are only including serious Sanskrit readers (as this is not a beginning Sanskrit instruction group).


  1. I think this is an excellent idea.

  2. Love the idea in theory. I don't know whether I will have the time to contribute in practice, but if I could be involved in the planning I'd like to be.

    I hear you can now convert PDFs to Google Docs and annotate them, which seems quite useful for the process. It might make sense to set up a Google Site that would host the group, since Google tools seem the most appropriate overall.

    1. Amod, if you send a request to join the Google Group, you can participate in planning. I was thinking we could use that as a place for adding documents since it's supported (and would also allow for keeping things private easily). Extending to a Google Site or shared documents on Drive could happen if that makes sense.


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