Reading the Mānameyodaya on Skype

The first meeting of the Virtual Sanskrit Reading Group was this past week. Four of us met to read the section of the Mānameyodaya that discusses arthāpatti. Elisa Freschi has posted a summary on her blog.

There are more than four members of the group itself--it is my hope that people will begin to use it as a way to develop their own smaller groups, reading together when is convenient for them, and reading what it is they find compelling.

Our next synchronous meeting, through Skype, will be in two weeks (February 12th at 9am EST). We are reading the edition of the Mānameyodaya by Vijaya Rani (she is professor emeritus at Kurukshetra University), published by Parimala Pablikeśansa in 2013. It has a Hindi translation and commentary and the relevant excerpt is available to Google Group members.


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