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Using the glossary package in LaTeX

My dissertation includes a lot of Sanskrit terms. For the benefit of my readers, I'm including a glossary which will have the terms and their definition.

The package I'm using for this is the glossary package, which you can read about here. The steps include, basically,

0. Create a document called "glossary.tex" with entries
1. Call the package: \usepackage{glossary}
2. Load the external file: \loadglsentries{glossary}
3. If you like, set a particular style: \glossarystyle{altlistgroup}
4. Tell LaTeX to make the glossary: \makeglossary
5. At the appropriate place in your document, print the glossary: \printglossaries
6. If you want to print all entries, not just the ones you mark in your text, add: \glsaddall
7. Finally, add the glossary to your table of contents: \addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{Glossary}

The steps in compiling are supposed to be: XeLaTeX + BibTeX + MakeGlossaries + XeLaTEx

Problem. TeXWorks doesn't have the "MakeGlossaries" option. So…