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Multi-chapter document in XeLaTeX

After about six months of writing my dissertation using TexWorks, I've figured out a format and a workflow that seems to be working. (Where "working" means something like "I'm getting consistent writing accomplished and the output is properly and attractively formatted.")


The workflow aspect of writing involves using Scrivener and TexWorks together. I don't rely on the multi-markup function in Scrivener to export to Tex, just because I don't want to deal with fixing the inevitable bugs. Rather, I use Scrivener for free-writing, outlining, and visualizing the structure of my document. I have a very small goal of 500 words a day that I can track using Scrivener's target word count feature. It's easy for me to view an outline, tag pieces of a document, and move things around quickly. I do all this in the "research" section of Scrivener, where I can also pull in PDF files and view them using split-screen.

When it comes to comp…