Creating an apparatus with ledmac

While you can use standard footnotes with ledmac, the reason to use the package is because you can create a critical apparatus for your text. This is done by enclosing the word(s) you'd like to refer to (the lemma) inside of \edtext{} and then following it with curly brackets containing one of the nested footnote commands:
\edtext{<lemma>}{\Afootnote{<grammatical analysis>}}
The result is that the line number is cited, the lemma is automatically brought down to your footnote, and the footnote itself is separated from the lemma with a "]".

Because my apparatus is detailed (these are notes for a student learning Sanskrit), I will format the A-level footnotes as a single paragraph, rather than each note taking its own line. The latter style is the default and will take up too much room. I do this by using

before I start my document. I could also set the formatting in two or three columns (\foottwocol{B}\footthreecol{B}).

The output is shown below.


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