Friday, December 30, 2011

ledmac for Typesetting Sanskrit

I'm working on a translation of Mukula Bhaṭṭa's Abhidhāvṛttimātṛkā and have been using the indexing option in XeTeX to generate an index of important philosophical terms and citations of other texts.

My next step, once I've finished the draft, is to figure out how to use ledmac to typeset it in facing pages. Originally, I was planning to just use the "new page" command, but that seems sloppy and tedious.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kindle Fire for Academics

I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas this year and have been busy customizing it for academic use. It isn't really marketed as an academic tablet, but I prefer it over the iPad (which is) for its cheaper price tag and lack of distracting games/accessories (although those can easily be installed).

Out of the box, the Kindle Fire is not ideal for PDF reading, which is what a lot of scholars will be doing. While there is a Kindle PDF reader installed, it is minimally outfitted, without the ability to take notes or make bookmarks. Below I explain how to outfit your Kindle Fire with applications that, in my opinion, make it better for academic work.