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A Publishing Guide for Graduate Students (working in Indian Philosophy)

Recently a graduate student working in ethics, (Christian) philosophy of religion, and epistemology, has written a guide to publishing for other graduate students. It seems to not be aimed at students working in areas that require any sort of deep engagement with primary material in other languages, nor students working in anything resembling history of philosophy. So below I make some revisions to his guide for such students. Let me note that while I was a graduate student, I published three papers. I'll let others evaluate the quality of my work, but one of them was reprinted in a collection of papers in Indian philosophy by Jonardon Ganeri. This suggests to me that I was able to do work as a grad student that contributes to the discipline. Thus advice to students not to publish seems too conservative. That said, as you'll see, I didn't produce anywhere near 18 papers, nor do I think I could have during my studies, or even wanted to. And, as I managed to get a tenure-tra

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